Protect Children In and Around Vehicles

Never Leave A Child Alone in a Car ….. Even for a Minute

Almost 50 children died this way last year.

• Dial. 911 immediately if you see an unattended child in a car. EMS professionals are trained to determine if a child is in trouble.

• Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle, even for one minute. Leaving a window slightly open has no effect on the temperature in the vehicle. Believe it or not, routine and distractions have caused people to mistakenly leave children behind in cars.

• Place a cell phone, PDA, purse, briefcase, gym bag or whatever is to be carried from the car on the floor in front of a child in a backseat. This forces the adult to open the back door and observe the child when they reach for their belongings.

• Set your cell phone or Blackberry reminder to be sure you dropped your child off at day care. Set your computer “Outlook” program to ask, “Did you drop off at daycare today?”

• Have a plan that if your child is late for daycare that you will be called within a few minutes. Be especially careful if you change your routine for dropping off children at day care. Teach children not to play in any vehicle. Prevent Trunk Entrapment!

• Lock all vehicle doors and trunk – especially at home. Cars are not playgrounds.

• Check vehicles and trunks first if a child goes missing. When the outside temperature is 101 degrees, the inside vehicle temperature is 140 degrees. Never Leave A Child Alone in a Car ….. Even for a Minute

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