Base Hospital Procedures

Administrative Medical Director Responsibilities.pdf10.23 KB
Base Hospital Physician Requirements and Responsibilities.pdf12.33 KB
Communications with EMS Providers.pdf8.29 KB
Criteria for Patient Care Reports.pdf10.36 KB
Drug Exchange and Accountability.pdf8.78 KB
Emergency Department Competency for Paramedic Intermediary.pdf9.78 KB
Emergency Interfacility Transfer.pdf9.11 KB
Emergency Medical Services Personnel Performance Related to Scope of Practice.pdf8.87 KB
EMS Personnel - Ongoing Education, Training or Remediation.pdf8.78 KB
EMS Provider Recertification.pdf12.7 KB
Esophageal Tracheal Double Lumen Airway Device.pdf8.74 KB
Guidelines for Transport to Non-Hospital Facilities.pdf8.74 KB
Infectious Disease Exposure Notification.pdf223.16 KB
Intermediary Requirements and Responsibilities.pdf12.69 KB
Intravenous Access by EMT-Basic.pdf9.25 KB
Medical Direction.pdf8.03 KB
Pre-Hospital Care Committee.pdf9.25 KB
Pre-hospital Drug Exchange and Accountability.pdf8.29 KB
Pre-Hospital Quality Assurance, Improvement.pdf22.9 KB
Pre-Hospital Radio Equipment for On Line Medical Control.pdf9 KB
Problem Resolution.pdf11.08 KB
Property, Equipment Exchange System.pdf8.86 KB
Recertification of EMS Personnel in Administrative, Managerial Roles.pdf8.78 KB
Regional Protocols for Medical Control.pdf7.86 KB
Skill Competency for ALS Provider.pdf8.86 KB
Standing Orders, Admin Orders and Protocols-Prehospital Providers.pdf9.35 KB
TMC-Air Medical Services.pdf17.5 KB
Transfer of Patient Care.pdf7.98 KB