Salads & Vegetables

Just how do you get kids to eat vegetables? It’s true, getting kids to eat veggies may be the hardest habit to instill in your child’s eating pattern. Despite this, vegetables are an important aspect of a well-balanced diet and provide essential vitamins and minerals. There are several resources available to parents to help with this monumental task. An excellent resources is Dole 5 A Day at This website lists the following tips for parents to promote eating healthy vegetables.

  • Trying is believing – encourage kids to take one bite of a new food to try it
  • Seeing is believing – eat vegetables in front of your kids to model healthy behaviors
  • Offer choices – provide more than one vegetable at a meal
  • Make it easy – put vegetables in places that are easy for kids to grab
  • Make it fun – let kids play with and create fun shapes with vegetables
  • Crunchy and sweet can’t be beat – add dips or sauces to raw veggies
  • Kids like to eat what they make – involve children in the meal preparation process
  • Add vegetables to favorite foods – find creative ways to incorporate veggies into family favorites.

Salads & Vegetables Recipes: