"Hospice care is one of the wonders of the modern world. Through the help of dedicated hospice workers my family and I were able to embrace our final weeks with Mom and we all experienced healing as we said good bye. We will always think of hospice with glad hearts." (L. Hodge)

"When my 73 year old mother entered TMC hospice, as a family, we knew this was the BEST place for her and for us. The quality and kindness of the staff was such a blessing.  They made her last few days much more comfortable and we could be with her. Thank you TMC Hospice for providing great comfort and peace." (L.M. Harnew)

"It is never an easy journey losing a loved one. This past May, we asked our family doctor if we could request the help of hospice. For us, there was only one choice, Hospice at TMC. The staff, doctors, nurses, techs and volunteers are warm and willing to help in any way, at any hour of the day. The rooms have a living room feeling, which made us all more comfortable not feeling like we were in a hospital room. The night before we lost my father-in-law, he was very agitated and was trying to get out of the bed (which he realistically could not) for 2 hours. The nurse and 2 techs patiently helped him and stayed with him the entire 2 hours. They allowed him to keep his dignity and continued to be the professionals they were. When Mario passed away they gave us all the time we needed to say our good-byes and answered any questions we had. TMC Hospice called several days later to check-in with us and also offered grief counseling. I can not say enough about TMC Hospice and how they helped us thru this life passage." (S. Del Casale)

"I had never experienced such kindness." (J. Miller, on the hospice care her mother received.)

"Our family can’t even begin to express how thankful we were for the care, compassion and knowledge of Peppi’s House nurses." (L. Gorgievski)

"Independence was something that was very important to my mother. The hospice team allowed her to continue this independence until the end of her life, involving her in the day-to-day decisions about her care." (C. Friel)

"The entire team took wonderful care of my husband. Unless you have a lot of family who are able to help, you need TMC Hospice to take the burden from your shoulders." (S. Hutchinson)

"To the family, the care of hospice means another day the patient has at home, not at the hospital, and those days are precious." (R. Norris)