Our Hospice Volunteer Philosophy

Our hope is to improve the quality of life of our patients and families with the help of our volunteers through homecare, inpatient or clerical support. They are there to care, share, love, laugh, cry, listen and understand. They bring the outside world in to someone who is homebound and can bring solace and comfort to a patient with a gentle touch, a quiet word or a smile. Our volunteers are open to people's spiritual needs and are always concerned for the welfare of both the patient and their family and friends. 

Hospice Volunteers

Hospice volunteers are specially trained to improve the quality of life of the patient and family. Volunteers can bring the outside world to those who are home-bound. They bring solace and comfort with gentle touches, quiet words and smiles. Volunteers are connected for the welfare of both the patient and family.

Roles and tasks where volunteers help include administrative, inpatient unit support, home care and bereavement. Click Areas of Volunteering to see a more detailed list.

TMC Hospice volunteers who work with patients must complete 30 hours of training, including 24 hours of classroom work and six hours shadowing an experienced volunteer.

TMC Hospice typically offers two training sessions a year, one in February and one in August.

Because we invest greatly in our volunteers, we ask for a long-term commitment to the program with regular participation.

To apply, click Volunteer Packet

If you have any questions or want more information, call (520) 324-2433 or email our volunteer coordinator.