CT/MRI Examination Information


How long will my CT/MRI examination take?

The average CT/MRI examination will take approximately 45 minutes.

If I have metal in my body, can I still have my CT/MRI examination?

It depends on the type and location of the metal in your body. These specific questions can be answered by the CT/MRI technologist at TMC. Be sure to tell the technologist of any metallic objects on or in your body.

If I think I may need sedation for a CT/MRI examination, can that be arranged at the time of my exam?

No. Sedation needs to be scheduled ahead by your physician's office and performing sedation requires additional nursing or physician personnel.

May I eat before my CT/MRI examination?

Some of the CT/MRI examinations require that you be fasting prior to the examination. Call the department if your physician does not know.

How soon will my physician get a report?

In most cases your physician should have a copy of your report within 2-3 business days.

Who can I call to schedule a CT or MRI examination?

To schedule your CT or MRI examination, we must have a written doctor's order (a "prescription") for the examination. Most exams are scheduled through our centralized scheduling department.

When can I pick up my CT/MRI films in order to take them to my doctor's office for my appointment?

Your CT/MRI films need to be read by the radiologist before they can be signed out to your doctor's office. Most of the time this can be arranged by the next business day.

Are CT/MRI examinations painful?

CT/MRI examinations are typically not painful. Some CT/MRI examinations do require an IV for the administration of a contrast agent.

If I have a history of allergies can I still have a CT or MRI examination?

Most patients with a history of allergies have no problems with their CT or MRI examinations. Be sure to tell CT/MRI technologist about any allergies prior to your exam. Some types of contrast media can cause allergic reactions.

Can my family member be in the room with me during my CT/MRI examination?

Sometimes this is possible, especially with small children. Be sure to discuss this issue with your CT/MRI technologist prior to your examination.