General Radiology FAQ

Below are some questions, with answers, that patients frequently ask about radiology.

Do I need a prescription to have an x-ray?

Yes, all x-ray exams require a prescription.

May I take a prescribed medication when the preparation for an exam states: "nothing to eat or drink after midnight"?

Yes, all medications may be taken as prescribed with small sips of water.

Do I need an appointment to have an X-ray?

Most x-ray exams do not need an appointment. Check with our scheduling representatives if in doubt by calling 324-2075.

What type of preparation do I have to do for UGI, BE, IVP, VCUGs?

Your physician provides preparations for adults, children and infants.

I paid for my x-rays. Why can't I keep them?

Patients actually pay for the examination and interpretation of the films; the films are the property of Tucson Medical Center and are a part of the patient's medical record. They may be copied and the copies sent to another physician. To request a copy, call Medical Records at 324-5155. There is a charge for copies and films.

When will I get the results of my exam?

A report will be sent to your doctor typically within two days. Your physician may call for a faxed report sooner, if necessary. The X-ray technologist does not interpret films.

What if I am pregnant?

Let your examiner know before you have your exam.

If I have to take a laxative, what kind of a laxative should I take?

Unless your physician prescribes a laxative, you may use one of your choice.

How long will I have to wait for my exam?

Most exams are started within 20-30 minutes of your arrival in the Radiology department. However, some exams require a special room. In this case the wait may be longer. If you have waited longer than thirty minutes, please check with the receptionist.

Can my family member be in the examination room when the exam is being done?

Due to concerns about unnecessary radiation exposure, you may not be in the room with a patient unless that is deemed necessary by your examiner.