TMC's Breastfeeding Support Program

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Care Recognition Award

TMC is proud to be the only hospital in Southern Arizona to receive this prestigious global IBCLC Care Recognition Award for its outstanding Breastfeeding Support Program.  

For breastfeeding tips on how to get started, positioning and latch and other related questions call:

  • TMC Breastfeeding support to speak with Lactation Consultant (520) 324-5730.
  • AZ Baby Steps 24-hour hotline: 1-800-833-4642.

Our Breastfeeding Support Program Offers:

  • Tucson’s most comprehensive program

  • Educational and informative breastfeeding classes for expectant parents

  • Hospital consultations available seven days a week

  • Breastfeeding Support Group for Mom & Baby will meet on Mondays from 10-11:30 am in the Canyon Conference Room, near the Southeast Entrance. No Registration Necessary! Call (520) 324-5730 for more information. 

  • Outpatient consultations available by appointment

  • The Desert Cradle retail store for electric breast-pump rental, sales and breastfeeding products

  • Education for health professionals in the community

Our board certified consultants are dedicated to your breastfeeding success.

We Can Help:

  • Mothers who desire to breastfeed

  • Working mothers who are breastfeeding

  • Mothers of premature infants

  • Adoptive mothers

  • Mothers of twins or triplets

  • Mothers of babies with special needs

How breastfeeding makes babies healthier…

  • Perfect food for baby!

  • Reduces the number of infections in babies

  • Protects babies from certain illnesses and allergies

  • Promotes bonding between mom and baby

  • Reduces the risk of childhood obesity

  • Makes smarter kids with higher IQs

How breastfeeding makes moms healthier...

  • Economical – mom’s milk is free!

  • Helps mom’s body recover from childbirth

  • Helps mom lose pregnancy weight faster and easier

  • Reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer as well as osteoporosis

  • Promotes bonding between mom and baby

  • Increases mom’s self confidence in her ability to care for her baby

  • TMC helps mothers and babies achieve breastfeeding goals and success.