Testimonials from Moms

The lactation consultants at TMC are the absolute best. They meet you where you are in your breastfeeding journey and do everything they can to help you achieve YOUR breastfeeding goals.

They are always supportive and encouraging. In addition to being sensitive to the needs of the mothers and babies, they have excellent technical knowledge about the lactation process and apply useful techniques to maximize milk supply and assure appropriate latch-on.


I was a patient at Tucson Medical Center to deliver my baby boy. … My care did not stop when my baby and I left the hospital. … I called the Lactation Clinic often to answer more questions as the days with my baby continued and we learned more about each other. The consultants were wonderful and suggested I attend the weekly support group meeting with other new moms and a lactation consultant. Wow, what a fantastic experience! Susan, who facilitates the group meetings, does a wonderful job and does everything possible to help everyone who attends. It was a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and it game me the chance to hear other new moms’ experiences. I understand this is a community service that TMC provides, and my hope is that they will continue this program. I found it to be invaluable!

- Patti

I am writing to let you know about the wonderful support and advice I received from the lactation specialists at TMC. I took a course called Breastfeeding Basics given by Betty. I found the class and handout literature to be extremely helpful. She gave an excellent lecture and kindly offered to follow-up with anyone who still had questions.

Several weeks later after delivery, Susan came by my room at least three times to help me and my baby adjust to breastfeeding. Since then I have received prompt responses form the lactation department to each of my phone messages as well as unsolicited check-up phone calls to my home. I know without a doubt that I would not be successfully nursing my 7-week-old child today if it were not for the one-on-one support of these two outstanding professionals.

- Christina

Dear Susan, Thank you for your help. You were there to give me support, but what you ultimately gave me was the strength to persevere. Your care and concern for helping new mothers and their babies is admirable. I am blessed to have had such a beautiful opportunity to have you work with me and my baby! Thank you for everything. You’re in my thoughts. You are a source of much joy when we moms realize that this gift we give our babies was fostered first by you.

- The Andrew family

I contacted TMC to meet with a lactation consultant after experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding resulting in my son was not gaining weight. Jennifer returned my call immediately and offered some helpful information over the phone. After speaking with Jennifer I decided it was best to meet for a consultation. I was pleased with Jennifer's attitude and approach and impressed with her knowledge. After the consultation, Jennifer followed up by calling me on her own and by returning my calls when I had questions. Additionally, Jennifer suggested I attend the Breastfeeding Support Group.

I hesitantly went to a group meeting. Susan and the ladies in the group welcomed me with warmth and support. I was encouraged by hearing the other moms tell similar stories and how they were able to continue breastfeeding. Through the weeks, which turned into months of attending these meetings, I met great moms, found unbelievable support and gained a wealth of knowledge. Susan provides a safe and comfortable environment for moms to ask questions, seek advice and share experiences.

Before my son’s birth my goal was to breastfeed for six months. After I started nursing, it was a daily challenge to continue. As the weeks passed, breastfeeding became easier and I became confident my son was continually gaining weight. After six months I returned to work. He is almost eight months and I am still breastfeeding!