Ortho Patient Stories

"I had a beautiful view of the Catalina Mountains from my room. The room was magnificent. Everything was first-class. I loved that I had my own private room, and I couldn't believe how quiet it was for being a hospital. I was surprised at how well I slept there after my surgery. It's been a wonderful recovery and my knee now feels incredible."

- Larry Chellevold, total knee replacement patient

"Swimming hurt. Walking hurt. Getting out of bed hurt. Everything hurt. My doctor told me I needed a total hip replacement. he told me if I wanted to go to the best, go to Tucson Medical Center. It's a top-notch facility. It's a great medical center with great surgeons. The pain goes away and you can have your life back. Anything you want to do, you can do. I did an ironman six and a half months after a total left hip replacement."

- Terri Hollander, total hip replacement patient