Stuttering Therapy

TMC HealthCare now offers SpeechEasy™, a fluency device. SpeechEasy™ reduces stuttering in 80 – 90 percent of the stuttering population while producing natural sounding speech. A specially trained speech-language pathologists will evaluate if this device is right for you. If right, counseling on the appropriate model, device prescription and ear mold impressions are provided. Custom fitting for the device will be ready within three to four weeks after the initial visit. The device emulates choral speech using delayed and altered auditory feedback. Therefore, a hearing evaluation must be preformed prior to the stuttering evaluation.

  • Hearing evaluation by an audiologist
  • Stuttering evaluation by a speech-language pathologists
  • Device demonstration and counseling
  • Device prescription
  • Ear mold impressions
  • Custom fitting
  • Experienced speech-language pathologists with special training in evaluation and fitting for the SpeechEasy™ device.
  • Masters-level audiologists certified by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


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Palo Verde Building
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