At Abacus Health, we believe that better care means working with you to accomplish a common goal: Improving your health and promoting wellness. Whether that means managing a condition you already have, or preventing future illness in the first place, we consider you an integral part of our team.

We don’t believe that quality care necessarily means the most costly care. What we do believe is that quality care is responsive and coordinated care. Working as a team ensures your primary care physician, as well as other nurses, pharmacists, specialists and other professionals who care for you, can share information so that you can receive the treatment you need, when you need it.

Our mission is to provide our patients, physicians, advanced practitioners and payers with population-health solutions that promote higher quality health care at a lower cost.

Abacus Health will be a top-performing population health company known for its results-oriented, efficient, and innovative solutions and focus on personalized care. In addition to being a model for others to emulate, and a driver of change, it will help bring healthcare quality in Southern Arizona to a higher level.


  • Nurturing - We are supportive and kind to our patients and each other.
  • Compassionate - We are empathetic to those in need.
  • Innovative - We are always looking for new and better ways to do things.
  • Efficient - If we can provide an effective solution in a simple and inexpensive manner, we will.
  • Responsive - We like to meet our customers’ needs - quickly.
  • Collaborative - We believe in the wisdom of groups and work as a team.
  • Honest - We are straightforward and truthful.
  • Striving for Excellence - We are not satisfied with good. We want to be outstanding.


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