About our Pre-Payment Plans for Women's Health


Our TMC for Women Breast Center offers mammography services for women with breast symptoms, such as a lump, pain or nipple discharge, and in women with no breast complaints (asymptomatic). Mammograms can often detect breast lumps before they can be felt. Using low-dose X-rays to image inside the breast in order to detect and diagnose breast disease, mammograms can often detect breast lumps before they can be felt.

We now offer 3-D technology for mammograms, the newest, FDA-approved advance in breast imaging. This innovative technology helps detect small cancers that two-dimensional screening might not catch, especially on women with dense breast tissue. 3-D mammograms are basically performed in the same manner as the standard 2-D mammogram. 

Breast ultrasound examines one or both breasts when there is a lump, pain, nipple discharge or other symptom that requires further study. Additional studies may be requested by the radiologist.

  • Screening Mammogram (2-D)
  • Screening Mammogram (3-D)
  • Diagnostic Mammogram(2-D)
  • Diagnostic Mammogram (3-D)
  • Ultrasound without guided-needle placement
  • Unilateral Diagnostic Mammogram

Bone Density Exams

Osteoporosis can be detected through bone densitometry, a medical test that measures the amount of bone using small amounts of X-rays. This non-invasive procedure is painless. TMC has the fastest technology available with scans taking only 90 seconds.

Test results are available to your health care provider in 48-72 hours. Results include sophisticated comparisons made to a reference population based on age, weight, sex and race. We have experienced radiologists with 15 years experience in bone densitometry and registered technologists specially certified in bone densitometry.

Women's Risk Assessment