Beatable. Treatable. Preventable.

Cancer can be complex. That’s why our cancer care programs offers personal, expert care and advanced technology to make sure you have the best treatment options, even in complex cases. We can treat adult cancers with advanced therapies; we also can offer complementary therapies to help with symptoms, side effects and stress. Additionally, our nurse navigators guide you through that critical and overwhelming time between diagnosis and treatment. With time so important, the navigator can help line up tests and arrange visits with specialists, as well as follow up with patients to meet any additional needs and serves as a point of contact for all your doctors.

Our nurse navigators will make sure your regular doctor has reports, results and timely communication throughout the process – from diagnosis to the recommended course of treatment – and will be invited to help develop a comprehensive care plan.

Tucson Medical Center provides evaluation and treatment for all types of cancer, including:

Bladder cancer

Bone cancer

Brain tumors

Breast cancer

Cervical cancer

Colon cancer

Endometrial and uterine cancer

Kidney cancer


Liver cancer

Lung cancer


Myeloma (bone marrow cancer)

Ovarian cancer

Pancreas cancer

Prostate cancer

Skin cancers

Other cancers