Thank you for attending the 2016 CardioVascular Symosium. This interactive agenda will allow you to access a pdf of the speaker's presentations by clicking on the title of each of them.

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  7:00     Registration and Continental Breakfast

  8:00    Welcome - Karen Mlawsky, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Tucson Medical Center
             Opening Remarks - Luis R. Leon, M.D., Vascular Symposium Director

  8:15   Contemporary Management of Acute Deep Venous Thrombosis: Clinical Practice Guidelines of the Society for Vascular Surgery & the American Venous Forum
             Mark Meissner, M.D., University of Washington Professor of Surgery Specializing in Vascular Surgery

  9:05    Is There a Benefit of a Dedicated Hospital-Based, Wound Care Center in the Management of Cardiovascular Patients? – M. Lavor, M.D.
  9:25     Current Concepts in the Management of Superficial Vein Incompetence – N. Labropoulos, M.D.
  9:45     Stroke – C. Rucker, M.D.

10:15     Break

10:25     Hospital-Physician Partnership inthe Care of the Vascular Patient – M. Namanny, D.O.
10:45     What is the Rational Behind the Use of Drug-Coated Technology in the Management of PAD?L.  Lucas, M.D.

11:05     Panel Discussion

11:30     Lunch

12:20     Are TMC Cardiovascular Patients Exposed to the Latest, Up-to-Date Technology in the Field?L. Leon, M.D.
12:45     What is the Current Role of Open Heart Surgery in the Management of the Cardiac Patient? – R. Bose, M.D.
  1:05     Advances with Atrial Fibrillation Management – D. Peress, M.D./L. Faitelson, M.D.

  1:40     Atypical Presentations of Cardiovascular Disease by Women and Diabetics – B. Skeif, M.D.
  2:00     Innovations and New Horizons in Structural Heart Disease – T. Waggoner, D.O.

  2:20     Break

  2:40     A 101 Analysis of the Financial Aspects of Cardiovascular Care – J. Pacanowski, M.D.
  3:00     Lifestyle Modification vs. Drug/Medication Culture in Cardiac Care – S. Tirrito, M.D.
  3:20     Medical Management of CHF & the Keys to Avoiding Re-admissions – S.  Ramirez, M.D.

  3:40     Panel Discussion

  4:00     Nutrition, Health & Happiness – The Intricate Connection Between Food and the Gut and Brain
              Andrew Weil, M.D., Founder and Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

  4:45     Raffle Drawing – Anita Bach, R.T. (R), MHA and Roxanne Lee, RN, BSN, Symposium Planning Coordinators
              Closing Remarks – Gulshan Sethi, M.D., Cardiac Symposium Director

  5-6:00  Thank You Reception – Patio Area

  5:30     TMC CardioVascular Symposium 5K Run/Walk