As a parent, you want your child's experience at TMC to be positive. By following the steps and suggestions here, you can make a big difference in your child's hospital experience. At the same time, you can lower your own stress and better help your child recover.

How You Can Help You Child

How can I help my infant?

How can I help my toddler?

How can I help my preschooler?

How can I help my school-aged child?

How can I help my teen?

Preparing for the Day of Surgery

What do we need to do to prepare for surgery?

Can my child eat/drink before surgery?

What if my child is sick?

What if I am a foster parent or grandparent?

What should I bring the day of surgery?

What should my child wear?

When do we need to arrive?

Who should come with us to the hospital?

Useful Websites

Old Pueblo Anesthesia

Society for Pediatric Anesthesia