Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, but it can be treated. As a matter of fact, the five-year survival rate of breast cancer is over 90 percent when caught early. The best way for early detection is self breast exams and yearly mammograms beginning at age 40. We also offer the High Risk Breast Clinic, specifically for women who face an increased risk of developing invasive breast cancer.

At the TMC for Women Breast Center, we want you to feel cared for and comfortable. We use the MammoPad® breast cushion. This soft, foam pad creates a cushion between the patient and the machine so that your mammogram will be warm and comfortable. Additionally, we use ultrasound and minimally invasive stereotactic biopsies, with on-site pathologists to make sure that you get fast results.

3-D Mammography

In addition to traditional mammography, TMC for Women Breast Center offers three-dimensional mammograms, an FDA-approved advancement in breast imaging. This innovative technology helps detect small cancers that two-dimensional screening might not catch, especially on women with dense breast tissue. 3-D mammograms are basically performed in the same manner as the standard 2-D mammogram. During the 3-D portion, the X-ray arm will move over the breast taking multiple images within seconds.

All patients are offered a 3-D mammogram at the time of their screening appointment.

Please feel free to call our Breast Center if you have any concerns or questions, (520) 324-1286, (520) 324-5003 email (No solicitations, please; we are not able to respond to them).

Our Breast Center is located at 2625 N. Craycroft Road, #111, which has convenient parking right outside the building and in the parking garage to the west of the building.

When appropriate, mammograms often can be scheduled in conjunction with a DEXA bone scan.

To make an appointment, call (520) 324-2075, option 6. Current patients of TMC or TMCOne can shedule an appointment through our patient portal, MyChart.