Secure, online access to your health information

Like your fingerprint, your medical record is unique. Now, your personalized information about your health and your visits to TMCOne are available at your fingertips from the privacy of your home computer, smartphone or tablet at any time, day or night. All that is needed is Internet access and an email account.

With MyChart you can:

  • View your health summary, current list of medications and allergies
  • Email your provider with non-urgent medical questions
  • Make and cancel appointments
  • e-Check In for scheduled appoints, allowing you to fill out any needed paperwork ahead of time.
  • Refill prescriptions
  • View test/lab results as released by your provider
  • Access medical information of children or dependent adults, including access to immunizations
  • Review post-visit instructions
  • Online bill pay

How do I get started?

If you want to take advantage of MyChart's features, it is easy to sign up. When you have your visit, TMCOne staff will offer you the chance to sign up. You will also be provided with an activation code and instructions in your after-visit instructions that will allow you to set up an account.