Navigating Medicare

Medicare details in both Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans can change every year. This means that pricing, covered medications and their costs, physicians and hospitals included in the plans, and more, can be different from one year to the next.

Not all of these changes are important, but every once in a while a managed care organization makes a change that is VERY important to some people. If you are already enrolled in these plans, be sure to check the coverage every year to make sure something important to you hasn’t changed. We assist many Medicare beneficiaries every year and always find at least one or two people who had to change plans because an expensive medication wasn’t covered by their plan any longer.

If you’re confused about Medicare, or unsure about how to use the computer-based enrollment system, we have volunteers who can help. TMC for Seniors volunteers provide free one-on-one assistance to answer your questions or help you navigate the Medicare enrollment process. Call TMC for Seniors at (520) 324-1960, to schedule an appointment.

For additional information on Medicare, visit You can also get Medicare information from Pima Council on Aging, or call them at 546-2011.