To request access to OneChart and the Physician eLounge, please fill out the form below and fax to 520-324-1206. The full process followed for access is also below with added details of what to expect during the request.

FormRemote User ID Request Form
Fax to: 520-324-1206
Need assistance? Contact the TMC IS Customer Support Center @ 520-324-1212

Process for request

  1. Print and complete the Electronic Health Records System Remote access form Remote User ID Request Form above
  2. Fax the 1st page to the phone number listed on the form (520-324-1206)
  3. TMC’s Information Services Customer Support Center receives the request:
    1. If this is the first time your company has requested access, the request will be passed to our Business Development department to approve the request (If the request is denied an email will be sent as a notification of the denial).
    2. IS CSC staff then contacts the Supervisor/Manager to verify the user listed has a valid request
    3. IS-CSC staff processes the request setting up the access to TMC’s EHR System
    4. IS-CSC staff then emails the requestor the USERID only and waits for the requestor to reply to the 1st email.
      1. IS-CSC staff will send the 1st email (containing the only the USERID) once a week for 6 weeks. If at the end of 6 weeks, with no reply, the request will be deleted and the requestor will have to resubmit the request.
    5. IS-CSC receives the reply from the requestor, and sends the 2nd email which contains the password, the link to the site to access the EHR System. The second email also contains initial code words that will be used to verify the identity the requester should they need to contact the IS Customer Support Center for assistance with setting or resetting your password.
  4. Currently TMC uses Cisco as it’s encrypting/spam filtering software. Should you not receive an email within the 1st week of submitting your request, please check your junk email or spam filters.
  5. If you have not received any emails or if you are having problems logging on to Cisco, please contact the TMC IS Customer Support Center @ 520-324-1212 for assistance.