To help reduce child drownings, near drownings and drain entrapments in our community, Safe Kids Pima County perform free pool and spa safety checks for families who have backyard pools and spas.

During the pool and spa safety check, volunteers check your home’s pool and/or spa environment and give safety improvement recommendations about supervision, barriers, entrapment devices and learning water safety skills. These are layers of protection that may help save a child’s life. The appointment will take about 30 to 45 minutes and families will get educational materials and resource information.

As part of the passage of the Virginia Graham Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act in 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission received funds for an education program to promote drowning prevention practices. Safe Kids USA was a recipient of funding that allows its coalitions to offer education based community programs.

Safe Kids Pima County is not trained to assess water quality, the condition of barriers, drains, etc. or install safety devices. You should contact a qualified pool professional in your area for answers to specific questions.

To schedule an appointment, call Safe Kids Pima County at (520) 324-2783.

View PDFs of the recommendations on how to make your home safe:

Water Safety- Layers of Protection

Is your pool safe?