Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA) Screening Clinic

People who have had transient ischemic attacks are at high risk for stroke and can benefit from quick access to neurological evaluation. Our outpatient-based clinic is designed to meet the needs of those who have a suspected transient ischemic attack.

Patients receive a specialized assessment and comprehensive care plan to potentially prevent a future stroke shortly after their TIA diagnosis. The end goal of our interdisciplinary team of caregivers is to prevent a future stroke, avoid readmission and achieve a better quality of life.

The clinic offers

  • Rapid assessment and preventative counseling
  • Convenient, consolidated services in a clinic setting
  • Enhanced quality for the continuum of care

What to expect

  • The assessment begins with a thorough history and physical performed by a neurology-trained nurse practitioner.
  • Further testing including MRI, MRA, CT, CTA, carotid ultrasound, echocardiogram and labs are ordered as appropriate.
  • Clinical assessment and same-day testing is performed whenever possible.
  • After testing is complete, you will receive a consultation with a neurologist.
  • Clear and concise recommendations or a treatment plan will be discussed with you as well as sent to your PCP.
  • The clinic is once a week. Patients are referred by their PCPs or after a visit in the Emergency Department, if the ED physician deems it appropriate.

For Referrals

For referrals, have your physician or the physician’s office contact:
TIA Screening Clinic, (520) 324-5396
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
After hours and weekends, providers can leave a message and fax the order/referral to (520) 324-5389.
Phone calls will be returned by the next business day.