We’ve designed our inpatient unit at TMC for Children to be as comfortable as possible, not only for your child, but for your whole your family. The cheery, private rooms bring your child as close to home as possible. In each room  you'll find a cot, pull-out chair or window bed with extra linens so you can sleep near your child. Rooms also have dedicated DVD players, with access to iPads loaded with age-appropriate games. On the unit, you will find other games, wagons and tricycles. If it helps ease your child’s fears, we also encourage you to bring favorite items from home.


Procedures can be painful or scary or both. To help a child to feel safe and secure in his or her hospital room, we perform procedures in our special procedure rooms located on the unit. This allows children to leave and return to the comfort and safety of their own room. Each child is also able to choose a special toy from Andrea's Closet after the, as a reward for their bravery.

Playrooms and Family Lounge

The unit also includes a playroom filled with toys for all ages, including a secure courtyard for them, and you, to get some fresh air. A comfortable family room is equipped with a television, telephone and computer, as well as our famous tree library.
We also have a variety of other services and materials to make your stay as comfortable as possible, including:

  • Dining service offering a wide variety of menu selections delivered to your bedside on demand.
  • Visits by gentle service dogs and other therapy pets
  • Access to a refrigerator
  • Free children’s books
  • Extra diapers, formula and other necessities