Welcome to the TMC Hospice Volunteer Resources page. Click on the links below to open pdf files of volunteer forms that you can print and use.

If you need more forms mailed to you, please email or call the volunteer coordinator, Krista Durocher, (520) 324-2433, who will send them as soon as possible.

Activities Record: Please turn in your activity log every month. This is how TMC Hospice tracks all the time you spend performing your volunteer work and how we report official hours per Medicare regulations.

Home Care Orientation Checklist: This is information we give to our new home care volunteers as a general guideline to use during their first few assignments and beyond. It's a great tool to have for those of us who have been doing this for a long time, too!

Volunteer Log: This form is the official documentation of your visit. It is very important information for the patient's medical team as well as the Volunteer Office. Please turn in this form as soon as possible to maintain smooth communication among all team members. Be sure to fill in all the blanks on this form. You can put a zero, unknown or not observed, but keeping an entry blank should be avoided. Also, there is an email option for this form; see page 2 of the form for more information.