Breast Center

Our Breast Center is located in the TMC Women's Health Building, 2100 N. Rosemont, Suite 100. The center provides more convenient patient access with parking right outside the front door.

The center uses ultrasound and minimally invasive stereotactic biopsies, with on-site pathologists to ensure quick delivery of test results. In addition, the center provides every woman with the MammoPad® breast cushion. This soft, foam pad creates a cushion between the patient and the mammography machine, and has no adverse effect on image quality. The patient can relax while visiting a certified Softer Mammogram Provider such as TMC, knowing that the mammogram will be warm and comfortable.

Grant funds allow TMC to offer mammograms for uninsured women age 40 and over.

Appointments can be made through TMC Central Scheduling, (520) 324-2075.