TMC Volunteer Services

The TMC Auxiliary was created in 1949 as support for the clinical staff of TMC and as a charitable fund-raising arm for TMC. Members pay a small due annually and are able to vote on changes to the Auxiliary. Not all volunteers are members of the Auxiliary. New volunteers are given the opportunity to join, but it is not a requirement as a TMC volunteer.

TMC volunteers encompass a wide range of talent, including former TMC employees, recent retirees and those looking for an opportunity to give back to the Tucson community.

TMC volunteers are an extended arm of the paid workforce at TMC, providing over 96,000 unpaid hours of work annually.

Volunteers serve in many capacities: they provide clerical and office support, greet and direct patients and visitors, play therapeutic games with children, staff the gift shops and serve as support for our hospital, patients and their families.

Volunteers earn hours for their work and are recognized with service awards at specific increments, the first being 100 hours of service. 

Currently, we are not able to accept high school students, those looking for community service hours, tobacco-users, individuals without a Social Security number, or anyone who is not able to commit to at least 100 hours each six months of volunteer work. 

College Students:

We are not accepting college student applicants at this time. Please check back during summer break for opportunities.

Become a Volunteer:

If you are interested in becoming a TMC volunteer, learn more about TMC's mission, vision and values as well as review the volunteer agreement, follow next steps and learn about volunteer on-boarding process.