Shirley Estes

Our family has always appreciated the nature of our Sonora Desert. When my husband Bill was ill, he particularly found it pleasing to be outside around nature. We saw how important the gardens and patios were in the healing process and that made us happy to support a patio for families at TMC.

Bill Bergen

I like the community involvement, the hospital being nonprofit. TMC takes care of elder as well as infant. That kind of focus is very important to me and thos around me, especially at this stage in my life. 

Enid & Mel Zuckerman, Founders of Canyon Ranch

We've had an ongoing connection to Tucson Medical Center since our daughter was born there 53 years ago, a connection that's included several instances of life-saving health care provided to family members. So it seemed to be a natural progression of our philanthropy, as our own family generations expand, to fully support TMC's addition of a pediatric center. We are pleased to make TMC a beneficiary of the Zuckerman Family Foundation for this purpose. 

Howard & Marlies Terpning

Our children are the future of our great country and as parents and grandparents we must do everything in our power to see that they are well cared for as children so that they may grow up to be productive adults. 

Linda Lohse, Tucson Foundations

In their wills, two of our donors, the Absolons and the Greens, mentioned the desire to support both hospitals and children. TMC for Children was a perfect fit for funds from both of these foundations. We were thrilled that we not only had an opportunity to honor our donors, but to help provide an excellent facility for the children of Southern Arizona.

Donald G. Shropshire, Former TMC President, TMC President Emeritus


Of all the ways Mary Ruth and I can continue to do good work, we settled on this endowment. We can't live our life thinking only about today. Part of our planning process is to creat a way to make these efforts last beyond our lifetime to help the generations ahead.

Pam Varner

I am very proud that TMC was the first organization outside of Chicago to recieve fundng from my family.

Alan and Jan Levine

It has been a lifelong motto for our family to pass our blessings on. We are proud to support TMC in caring for women in all stages of life with a state-of-the-art facility that our community needs and deserves.